Services & Rotas Tushingham

Services for December 2017. 

Sunday 3rd December       5.00pm          Advent Sunday Family Christingle

Sunday 10th December      9.00am          Holy Communion B.C.P

Sunday 17th December       4.00am          Carol Service

Sunday 24th December      11.00am         Family Crib Service

Monday 25th December      9.00am         Christmas Day Christmas Communion

Sunday 31st December       11.00am       United Benefice Service


Sidespersons Rota

3rd December                                     Mr J. Wilson

10th December                                   Mr A. Dawson

17th December                                   Mr J. Probin

24th December                                   Mrs L. Mountford

31st December                                        Mr J. Probin


Readers Rota

3rd December                                     Mr P. Moore Dutton

10th December                                   Mr H. Probin

17th December                                   Carol Service

24th December                                   Mrs V. Moore Dutton

31st December                                        Mr P. Moore Dutton


Flower Rota

10th December                                   Mrs C. Snaith

24th December                                   Mrs C. Geall


Brass Rota

December 2017.                                Mrs H. Probin

Coffee Hostesses

 17th December                                 Mrs L. Mountford and Miss J. Peake

24th December                       Mrs V. Moore Dutton and Mrs J. Ackerley

31st December                                  Mrs L. Mountford and Miss J. Peake

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