Iscoyd WI March Meeting

At the March meeting, an invitation was received from Marbury  inviting four members to attend their 92nd birthday party.  The guest speaker will be Mike Hasprey,Promotional Films(Crewe Movie Maker) on 9th April. Margaret Nicholson, Margery Jones, Audrey Stevenson and Peggie Beddows will attend.

The guest speaker was Paul and Christine Evans with their dog, Beau. The topic was “Dog Aid” which is an organisation which trains dogs to perform tasks such as picking up socks or other objects – something that people find difficult to do,

The next meeting will be on Thursday 11th April at Whitewell Parish Rooms at 7.30pm. There will be a presentation by Hazel Griffiths on Eva Peron.  Everyone is welcome. Any queries please contact Peggie on tel. 01948 780402 or  mobile 07521758045

Iscoyd WI

The guest speaker at the March meeting of  Iscoyd W.I. was Gareth Jones of Wrexham Street Pastors.  Gareth described his work which involves helping people on the streets of Wrexham on Saturday or Friday evenings. Famously flip flops are handed out to people emerging from nightclubs. The talk was both interesting and fascinating.
The next meeting will be on Thursday 12th April at Whitewell Parish Rooms at 7.30pm.  The guest speaker will be David Hayns from Malpas whose topic will be  “The History of Malpas” .  David is a well-known local historian and author. Pay on the door. £3.00.  Light refreshments will be served. This is an Open meeting so everyone will be welcome. Any enquiries please contact Peggie on 01948 780402 or 07521758045

Iscoyd WI February 2018

At the February meeting, the guest speaker was Christine Roberts from Little Green Flowers, Hanmer.  Christine gave a demonstration on “Winter Flower Arranging”. The arrangements were then donated as raffle prizes
Iscoyd has participated in two quizzes recently. Peggie Beddows, Sylvia Faulkner, Audrey Stevenson and Celia Johnson represented the institute in the County Quiz. The team finished in 9th place. Sylvia Faulkner, Audrey Stevenson, Dot Betteley and Margaret Nicholas took part in the Fun Quiz at Broxton and Bickerton where they finished 6th
The next meeting will be a presentation on the topic “Street Pastors” by Gareth Roberts on Thursday March 8th at Whitewell Parish Rooms at 7.30pm .  All are welcome.  Any queries please contact Peggie Beddows on 01948 780402 or mobile 07521758045

Iscoyd WI January Meeting

 At the recent meeting of Iscoyd W.I., the guest speaker was Harry Edwards from Penley. Harry Edwards gave an illustrated presentation on “Alpacas and their fibre” Members viewed items which had been made using alpaca wool.  An invitation was issued to members inviting them to view the alpaca at their farm
It was agreed that Iscoyd would send a team to the County quiz on February 19th and also to the Fun Quiz at Broxton and Bickerton on February 22nd.
The next meeting is on Thursday 8th February at 7.30pm at Whitewell Parish Rooms.  The guest speaker is Christine Roberts demonstrating “Winter Flower Arranging”. Everyone is assured of a welcome even though it may be freezing outside.  Any queries please contact Peggie on either 01948 780402 or mobile 07521758045

Vox Vocavit returns on 22nd October

Vox Vocavit

Following the  delightful service of Sung Evensong in May, at which the singing was provided by the wonderful Vox Vocavit, the choir has kindly agreed to sing Matins at Whitewell on 22nd October at the revised time of 11:30.  Later that day they are then going over to Marbury where they will be singing evensong, again at a revised time of 4:30pm.   The sung Matins at Whitewell will be followed by lunch in The Parish Rooms.  The menu will be Coronation Chicken or Salmon, a pud, a glass of wine and a coffee, all for the price of £12.  Lunch will be by TICKET ONLY which will be available from Carolyn Wort.


Iscoyd WI Celebrates 90th Birthday

Members of Iscoyd WI celebrated in style at Willington Lodge on the occasion of their 90th Birthday, in company of Cheshire Federation Chairman Jean Harding   and the Federation Regional Advisor Chris Bailey.  The cake was cut by longest-serving member Audrey Stevenson.

Watch Out ! Thieves About !

To the community on behalf of St. Michael’s Church.

It seems that thieves have stolen lead recently from St.Oswald’s, Malpas and St. Chad’s, Farndon – so we need to be vigilant! especially as we have now provided them with scaffolding to get up to the roof!!!!!

We need to be aware of any strangers we see around the village or vehicles etc.

With thanks…

Revd Veronica. xx

Bumper Turnout Grabs Funding

The Whitewell Parish Rooms’ bid for a £1500 grant to solve the damp problem in the toilets was well supported by no less than ten of us at the Bronington Participatory Budgeting meeting on 21st June.  The decision to award funding is made on the night by public vote, and our strong support ensured we swamped the vote and gained 100% of our required funding.  Other funding claims were from The Tybroughton Trust, Bumblebees Pre-School, and Bronington Primary School.  The total amount of funds requested was around £4300 vs a budget of £3000 set by Bronington Community Council.  My grateful thanks to all those who came along to support our successful bid.