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Food / Energy Vouchers

Cheshire East Council is distributing vouchers on behalf of the Department of Work and Pensions up until the end of March 2021 to the most vulnerable children and families to pay for essentials such as food and energy. We know it’s a difficult time for many at the moment with the latest lockdown, and that while families have children at home, food and fuel costs will have increased.

If you know a family that needs some additional support through a food or energy voucher please make a request by completing this short form. A £20 supermarket voucher is available per child per week and/or a £49 fuel voucher per household.

You will need the following information to complete the form:

•     The parent/carer’s name

•     The parent/carer’s address, including post code

•     The parent/carer’s email address – If the parent/carer does not have an email address, please put your email address so you can provide the voucher to them. 

•     A contact number for the parent/carer – please provide your own if this is not available.

If you are entering information for multiple children – please make sure you press ‘Add Child’s Details’ after entering each child’s details on the form otherwise the information will not be saved. Please add each child you wish the support to be considered for as we can only action this for the children that are listed.

Please note that requests must be made by professionals, charity workers or volunteers, or elected officials – please confirm your details in the referrer section. Please do not share the inquiry form link with families as we cannot accept requests direct from families.

Please allow five working days for the family to receive the voucher via email.

If the family is likely to be eligible for free school meals please encourage them to apply online at www.cheshireeast.gov.uk/fsm – this will mean they will be automatically eligible for further support in future.

For emergency assistance Cheshire East has a host of food banks that operate across the borough which can be found by visiting www.cheshireeast.gov.uk/livewell and searching for ‘food banks’.

For further information please see our website https://www.cheshireeast.gov.uk/wintergrantinquiry

Marbury Mere in Flood

Due to the extreme amount of rain  we have had the little Mere is severely flooded. In order to alleviate the flooding which is threatening houses a ditch will be dug across the church field to lead the water away. If you wish to go walking please ONLY use the footpath gate NOT the church gates or the little gate next to Malcolm Vincent’s. All dogs on leads as the ditch is very deep. The ditch will be filled in when possible.

Stay safe!

Rev Karen Andrews to join pastoral team

A Letter from Archdeacon Mike

Dear Friends,

I am writing this message to you in the season of Epiphany – these weeks after Christmas when the church celebrates how Jesus came to be the Saviour of the world. Epiphany begins on 6 January, when we remember the wise men coming from far away to bring gifts to the infant Jesus – showing that he came to bring God’s love for all nations. It’s also a time of year when Christians reflect on their calling today to make the love of Christ known in their communities. 

Of course, just at the moment, life feels very hard, as we work our way through a third Covid lockdown. Vaccinations are on their way, and the amazing staff in the NHS are working wonders, but for many it still feels a dark time. So the Epiphany theme of the light of Jesus Christ shining out in love and justice is really something to hold on to this year.

During Revd Veronica’s absence, two very active local retired ministers, Alex Sanders and Mike Rogers, have been providing support to the three parishes, especially at Marbury and Tushingham. Alex and Mike will be stepping back from this role at Easter because of other commitments, though they will still be expecting to help out on a more occasional basis. We are hugely grateful to them for all they have done at this challenging time. 

As Alex and Mike step back, their place will be taken by Karen Andrews, currently the curate at St Philip’s Kelsall. Karen will be seconded to work alongside the churchwardens and lay ministers in the benefice. Just as Alex and Mike have been, Karen is an additional resource for the parishes, and I hope very much that you will welcome Karen when she arrives around Easter time.

I pray that despite illness and lockdowns, the three parishes will continue to bless the local communities they serve, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

An Epiphany prayer:

God of all mercy

your Son proclaimed good news to the poor,

release to the captives,

and freedom to the oppressed:

anoint us with your Holy Spirit

and set all your people free

to praise you in Christ our Lord. Amen.

Archdeacon Mike

Speed Limits on Cheshire East Roads

You may be interested in this press release from Councillor Suzie Akers Smith (18th December 2020)
copied below: if you would like to respond, please do so.

It was a wonderful feeling being part of the Cheshire East
Labour/independent administration on Wednesday 16 December after voting
in favour of a 20’s Plenty in 2020 motion to reduce speed limits on
Cheshire East roads. Where people live and work, on housing
developments, town and village centres. Recently both Congleton and
Alsager were very disappointed they were not given 20mph speed limits
from Tranche 1 of the active travel funding. Passing this Motion is
another opportunity to help them reduce speed limits in their
This opportunity to look at the speed limits of all Cheshire East roads
through a review of the Speed Management Strategy is truly welcome given
my champion role to increase the uptake of walking and cycling; reducing
vehicle speeds on roads where it is not appropriate or acceptable is key
to increasing the number of people being active by walking and cycling.
The passing of this Motion is also an opportunity to review the speed of
small lanes such as Broadhurst Lane in Congleton where a recent petition
received over 500 signatures to make the lane 10mph. Forge Lane,
Congleton where drivers are speeding because 30mph is the limit, but it
certainly isn’t a suitable speed for the residents that live there, the
road is not wide enough. They are frightened to own a pet for fear of it
being run over, which is what happened in Broadhurst Lane. The 20’s
Plenty in 2020 motion will enable us to change the speed limit on their
roads which means they can live without being in fear of losing their
A review of the Speed Management Strategy will also enable Cheshire East
Council to reduce national speed limits on country road where there are
often horse riders and walkers. In Congleton only last week a tragic
collision where a vehicle was travelling too fast for the road, but
wasn’t breaking the speed limit, meant a horse has died, and the rider
will most likely be traumatised from this experience. Reducing speeds on
country roads where 60mph is not appropriate will make like safer for
walkers as well as horse riders.
The amendment to the original Motion by Cllr Laura Crane, portfolio
holder for highways was most welcome because it now means we can look at
all road speed limits, not just where they are currently 30mph. Another
benefit is we can look at how restrictions would be implemented, whether
that be speed zones, default 20mph speed limits or other ways of
reducing vehicle speed. I very much thank Cir Laura Crane for this
amendment, with a tweak from Cllr Phil Williams and seconded by Clir
James Barber, the borough’s young people’s champion.
The Speed Management Strategy being included as part of the Motion that
was unanimously passed, (Audlem abstained from voting), provides the
structure on how we will move forward with the process; we are on to it
This process also provides the opportunity for all residents in the
borough to provide input and offer suggestions for roads that they
believe the existing speed limit is too fast, preventing their community
from feeling safe to walk and cycle or to ensure their pet arrives home
that day, rather than receiving a warm collar.
I would urge residents across the borough to start providing their
suggestions today, they can email activetravel@cheshireeast.gov.uk,
their local parish or town council and their Cheshire East ward
councillor. Do copy me in with requests
(suzie.akers-smith@cheshireeast.gov.uk), or if you have any questions.

A big thank you to Mr Mayor, cilr Barry Burkhill for allowing this
Motion to be discussed at Full Council the Officers for their
organisation. The press coverage alone will encourage residents to think
about the roads where they live and if they feel a speed limit reduction
would be a good idea. The review can also include a range of changes
such as all new housing developments are set at a default 20mph, all
areas within a town centre, all lanes with sub-standard widths be 20mph
or 10mph. All National Cycle Network routes could be 40mph. Passing the
20’s Plenty in 2020 Motion on the 16 December is a great day for the
residents of Cheshire East because if we reduce speed of traffic we will
help people feel safer walking and cycling increasing activity. You will
most likely survive a collision at 20mph, at 30mph you will most likely
end up as a KSI. More people cycling reduces congestion and improves air
quality and makes room for people whose need for motorised transport is
essential for them to be independent. Everybody wins.
Cycling and Walking Champion – Cheshire East Council 18 December 2020

Kind Regards

Debbie Foulkes

Clerk to Marbury and District Parish Council

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