Church Field Closed

Dear friends

 It is with sadness we want to inform you that, temporarily, we have had to lock the two small gates leading into the Church field. They and the field are private, and not a footpath, but we know how many of you like to use them and we are sorry they have to be locked temporarily.

 Today we had 40 people BBQ-ing, drinking, sunbathing and picnicking. One can sympathize that people need to get out but there are lovely public places which are open for picnics etc.

  For the last 3 1/2 weeks we have had a group of 3 teenage boys coming on bikes daily, drinking, and now smoking drugs.

 There was a group of 6 men drinking, swimming and playing loud music. Both groups have been rude and left litter.  The fishermen feel frightened to tell them off as they then have to go to a tent on their own. They only have 48 hours at the mere and their time is now being ruined.

 The footpath, and its gate in the middle of the field, is of course open but please take care on the road.

 The police attended on Friday and they will hopefully come on sunny days. I have spoken to some of you tonight and I’m saddened you too are disturbed by this influx of people. We hope you understand.

 Harry and Sofie Paton-Smith

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