Rev’d Joseph Jacob

Many of you won’t have heard of Revd  Joseph Jacob. He served as Rector of Whitewell from 1885 until 1926, just over 40 years, making him probably the longest serving member of the clergy at Whitewell.

Well you may not have heard of him, but you will certainly have admired the results of his labours, as he was responsible for the cultivation of the many daffodils that come up in our churchyard every Spring.

A neighbour came across this 1926 issue of the Malpas Deanery magazine while having a sort-through the other day. It contains an obituary and an account of his funeral. The hand bier referred to is still in use in the church today.  It has been repurposed as a coffee table.  The book “Tulips” can still be bought on Amazon,  “Daffodils” is also listed, but is currently unavailable.

Malpas Deanery Magazine March 1926 lo res

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