Forestry Thinning at Iscoyd

I thought it sensible to let you know about some timber operations on the estate at Iscoyd Park, in case the Community Council receive any queries. This is a thinning scheme, and affects the woodlands which adjoin Footpath No 10, which runs from the Redbrook to Higher Wych Road, just north of Iscoyd Cottages, Mannings Green, then along the Eastern boundary of the park until it crosses the Red Brook into England on Bubney Moor. It will also affect the woodland to the East of Footpath No 10a between the SE corner of the Park and the A525 at Redbrook.
The thinning is authorised under a Forestry Commission Licence, and the contractors are fully aware of the existence of the Public Rights of Way. The aim is to disturb the actual rights of way as little as possible, although inevitably there will be some mess, rutting etc on the adjoining extraction routes and stacking areas. This will all be made good on completion of the scheme.
The Forestry Commission Licence includes for further work, in due course, in Iscoyd Wood (also known as Big Wood), adjoining Footpath No 24 to the South of the Kiln Green to Foxholes lane. It also includes felling/thinning adjoining the Byway Open to All Traffic No 25 between The Gatehouse on the Redbrook to Higher Wych Road, and Wolvesacre Hall. and Footpath No 12 to the East of Wolvesacre Hall.
I have copied this email to the Rights of Way department at Wrexham in case anyone contacts them.
If you do have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Yours sincerely,
Philip Godsal
Iscoyd Estate Office
Shropshire SY13 3AT

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