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Rogation Sunday

Sunday 22nd May saw the observance of Rogation Sunday at Whitewell, at which the entire congregation went outside while Veronica blessed the crops in the fields adjoining the churchyard.

Rogation is traditionally observed in the days just before Ascension day and of course is very important in a rural community like ours. The Christian major rogation replaced a pagan Roman procession known as Robigalia, at which a dog was sacrificed to propitiate Robigus, the deity of agricultural disease. The practitioners observing Robigalia asked Robigus for protection of their crops from wheat rust.

A common feature of Rogation days in former times was the ceremony of beating the bounds, in which a procession of parishioners, led by the minister and churchwardens, would proceed around the boundary of their parish and pray for its protection in the forthcoming year.  Now there’s a thought for another year ….


Bell Ringing Competition Marbury Church

Just to let you know….


There will be a wedding at Marbury on Saturday, 17th June.  The church bells will be rung to celebrate this occasion.


There is also be visiting ringers with a competition starting about 4.00 p.m., so you will hear the church bells rung for most of the afternoon – something to hear with joy!



100 Club Results

Congratulations to all the worthy winners in the Whitewell 100 Club draw which finished on 12th May


Here are the full results

Results St Mary’s Whitewell – Parish Rooms 100 Club Members Draw
Draw date Ticket Winner Amount
13th April

43 James Osmond £15.00
58 James Huxley £10.00
94 Charlotte Robinson £5.00
20th April

17 Marcus Walker £15.00
30 Sue Mottershead £10.00
20 The Millington Family £5.00
2nd May

40 Colin Walker £15.00
93 Jayne Mullock £10.00
15 Mark Holt £5.00
10th May

1 Peggy Beddows £15.00
54 Diana Yearsley £10.00
82 Josie Millington £5.00
Grand Final

21 Julie Wright £50.00
12th May 15 Mark Holt £25.00
10 Michelle Jones £10.00